Hacker's Golf League

Tuesday Nights @ Ute Creek

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General Rules

  1. Summer rules apply - no rolling the ball.
  2. Out of Bounds or Lost Ball is stroke and distance. When in doubt, play a provisional.
  3. Matches will be played from the blue tees with the exception of position night which will be played from the gold tees.
  4. YOU may concede YOUR opponent's putt.
  5. For other rulings refer to the USGA rulebook (Murph has one).
  6. Respect private property.
  7. All scorecards should be signed.
  8. If you pick up on a hole, your score will be the maximum permitted through Equitable Stroke Control for your handicap or whatever score is required to insure your opponent wins the hole.

Please e-mail Bill Murphy if you have any questions