Hacker's Golf League

Tuesday Nights @ Ute Creek

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Handicaps will be established using USGA handicapping. Rounds from previous years will count towards this year's handicaps. USGA handicapping counts the ten lowest scores from the last twenty rounds. Up until 20 rounds, a sliding scale is used.

1-5 roundsLowest round
6-7 roundsLowest 2 rounds
8-9 roundsLowest 3 rounds
10-11 roundsLowest 4 rounds
12-13 roundsLowest 5 rounds
14-15 roundsLowest 6 rounds
16-17 roundsLowest 7 rounds
18 roundsLowest 8 rounds
19 roundsLowest 9 rounds
20 roundsLowest 10 rounds

Please e-mail Bill Murphy if you have any questions